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Future of Power: Bit Nations & Brand Governments

SXSW 2020 Session — Public Vote

I have first coined the term of “Brand Governments” for client conversations in January 2019. Then, I’ve introduced it publicly in my webinars in April 2020 [link in comments]. Now, firming the discussion in #SXSW20 with a session.

My #SXSW Session “Future of Power: Bit Nations & Brand Governments” has made the first cut & up for public vote. I would appreciate if you can support it by logging in to #panelpickeand VOTE UP (upper left corner of the page)! Thank you!

Abstract: We witness growing tensions between nations & global brands. Why are brand perceived as threats by the governments? Is Huawei or TikTok perceived to be a threat because of their Chinese origin? Or, are brands becoming the new loci of power? The future of power is being reshaped & redefined at the intersection of nations, brands, & technology. As people lose faith in the existing institutions (nations, religions, or international organizations) in solving the persisting problems, the brands assumed ‘purposes’ to fill in the void and started to enact new governance roles.

This session will explore 1) new governance structures around brands [Brand Government]; 2) role of Blockchain in creating borderless nation-like formats [Bit Nation]; 3) possible other loci of power [City State]

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